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Building Sustainable Communities

Terra Firma is a Chicago-based real estate development, investment and advisory services firm dedicated to the belief that high-quality development contributes to the health and sustainability of our communities. By integrating thoughtful planning, distinctive architectural design and high-performance engineering, Terra Firma Co. develops places where people want to live, work, and play.

Today's homebuyers, tenants and investors increasingly recognize the value of sustainable communities. Terra Firma builds those communities.

The principles behind our projects
Terra Firma Co. develops residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects that incorporate:

  • architectural designs that are distinctive, yet context-sensitive
  • land plans that respect both surrounding neighborhoods and the natural environment
  • high-performance design and construction standards that promote energy-efficient operations and excellent indoor air quality
  • industry leading financial practices that provide sustainable returns for investors and users

Contact Terra Firma Co. for more information about the firm's projects or services.

Terra Firma projects integrate sustainable design elements attractive to buyers because they reduce environmental impact and long-term maintenance costs. More about Station Square at Prairie Crossing